car scratch repairScratch Repair

We specialize in automotive scratch repair, from small clear coat scratches to deep key marks. Leaving deep scratches unattended leads to rust, which will result in a costly replacement. We use a proprietary system that allows us to achieve a 100% paint match for your vehicle. This means no more trips to the dealership or online orders for touch up paint. Just sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.

The average cost for this car scratch repair service is about $50-$80, and is largely based on the extent of the damage. Contact us in St. Louis today!

rock chip repairRock Chip Repair

Rock chips are unavoidable, especially if your vehicle gets a lot of highway driving. These chips do some serious damage to your car, and if they are deep enough will begin to rust on your vehicle. When addressing rock chips we have a three-step process that provides the best look to your car without breaking the bank.

The average rock chip repair costs between $50 and $80, depending on size and number of chips. When you contact us, we’ll bring our car paint repair to you!

car paint repairPaint Transfer

When your vehicle is hit or scratches against something, it will often be left with paint residue from whatever it came in contact with. This can be very unsightly and often results in scratches and scuffs left behind.  Depending on the severity of the damage, we have several solutions to address the issues and will find the best one for you.

The average cost for this service is about $40-$60, also based heavily on the extent of the damage. Let us bring our car paint repair to you!

headlight restorationHeadlight Restoration

Are you your headlights under-performing at night? This could be due to oxidization on your headlights, causing them to fog up and decrease visibility. We will come by and restore your headlights back to their crystal-clear form. The cost for headlight restoration is $70 for the pair or $50 as an add-on to another repair service. Contact us and we’ll come to you!